Collapse // Rebirth

by Wretched of the Earth

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No Sanctuary 07:09
Contorted glass spires Etching shadows // Fissured valleys Wantage erasure Ever slowly crushing Against stone & steel sky Our hands cannot give way Expel the other Resign them to mass graves The foundations of hubris // Built in haste Dissenting reverberations Rupture faulty mortar Cultured hostility // Liberal artifice Revamped red lining // Explosion of houselessness Fat of the land For the gluttonous echelon Left to waste sides // Outskirts Make-shift islands // Sea of dispossession Increased police presence Enforce privatized dominion chorus: A lack of compassion Society claims We are without worth Disproportional affliction // Against marginalized communities Denied access A life without dignity We cannot lay idle Whilst unchecked ravagers // Tear us apart Repetitive precision // Unremitting intent No sanctuary // Nowhere to rest Our heads are plagued // With fears and uncertainties Skyrocketing costs Income inequality Food desertification Health services eroding Our disparity // Will not be our death blow This is no sanctuary // No safe harbor
Kū'e 04:36
Ku i // Ka pono Ku'e // No ka aina Ka'a kaua (war tactics) Besieged to cultural famine Those without ha Exhale industrialization Empires // Plantations Constricted // Suffocation 13 conspired Abrogation of a nation Unleashed free reign Expansion // Divided aina Fueled by ko Consumption drove chorus Hewa machines No longer can make us bleed Take back haloa Take root // Hold ground Unlearn their fallacy Defend our sovereignty Madmen have poisoned us To enslave our future Mano haole Took scent // Bloodtrails Desperate to erase Toppled ahupua'a Rainbow of agents Oligarchs footsteps Trails of toxins Followed in their wake Knowledge from our kapuna (we will) reclaim ka 'aina Haloa in hand Return to malama Import disease // Enforce labor suppression Displacement of kanaka // Extreme globalization Install caste systems of racial division Wave after wave of environmental destruction I ku mau mau I ku wa I ku mau mau I ku huluhulu I ka lanawao I ku wa I ku lanawao I ku wa I ku wa huki I ku wa ko I ku wa a mau A mau ka eulu E huki e Kulia Ku'e no ka aina
Fists up 01:43
Dime por qué luchas Por qué resistes Cual es la injusticia Fuego en mis palabras Fuego en mis ojos Fuerza color rojo chorus Luchemos! / En resistencia Marchando! / Por unidad Reclamando! / Culturas robadas Y contra el odio racial Rompiendo cadenas de sumisión Uniendo mi voz por la liberación Destruyendo toda separación Que nos lleva al odio en vez del amor Luchemos! / En resistencia Marchando! / Por unidad Reclamando! / Culturas robadas Y contra el odio racial Luchando! / Contra fascistas Luchando! / Capitalistas Luchando! / No mas racistas Unidos! Contra! Fascistas! _________________________________________________________ TRANSLATION: Tell me why struggle Why resist Which it is injustice Fire in my words Fire in my eyes Red Force Fight! in resistance Marching! Per unity Reclaiming! stolen cultures And against racist hatred Breaking chains of submission Uniting my voice for liberation Destroying all separation Which brings us to hate instead of love Fight! in resistance Marching! Per unity Reclaiming! stolen cultures And against racial hatred Struggling! against fascists Struggling! against capitalists Struggling! pinches racist Punch a Nazi in the face!
Hechicería 01:57
En este país donde es dificil encontrar amor Por estar en medio de puro Egocentrista Materialista Egocentrista Materialista! Encadenada a tu mente con tu lengua avientas hechizos Luchando por desencadenarme a lo que siempre Senti falso Ya no puedes creer en la lengua que solo ilusiona y envenena No, no, No,no creas Sus sentimientos no existen No, no No,no creas juramentos de mierda Avientas hechizos creas tu propio infierno Avientas hechizos creas tu propio infierno Infierno que consume y envenena No, no No,no creas Sus sentimientos no existen No,no No,no creas juramentos de mierda
Enghelab / انقلاب (Revolution) Crisis for power Ghodrate ma / قدرت ما (Our will and strength) A collapse for rebirth Wheels have turned // Regime takes hold Gharbiye ma az to / غربی ما از تو (Our western ideals from you) Zendebaad / زندباد (Rebirth) Hour of stealth Faryat / فریات (Scream/yell) Populace turmoil Tales of resurgence // Holy disturbance Marg bar fascista-ha / مرگ بر فاشیستها (Death to all fascists) Blundered reform // Squalor and idle Toppled and foiled // From western ideals Odium reign // the patriarch will Fueled by scroll // Blinded disdain Capital cornered // An ancient resurgence Power their onus // Derision of justice Destitute peoples // Hungry in pain Suppression to follow to mark their reign Tudeh (توده‌) to falsify Leadership masked // Cloaked in red // From the north Discredited // Tarnished Insurgence of Fedaiin (فدأین) Ba johare Fanon / با جوهره فنان (With the ink of Fanon) To follow the clerics line Ravens of light // Reproach the sky Catapulted to organize Guerrilla insurgence // A leftist rebirth A caustic conviction to stay and fight بد می‌کنن و نیک تم میدارن (they do bad deeds and hope to gain positive outcomes) هم بد باشد سزای بد کار داری (though bad forces only deserve bad in return as that is what they put forward) با اینکه ملت کریم است و رحیم (the people you're trying to reach are merciful) گندم رها ندهد بر چون جو سرکوب میکاری (But if you plant the barley (of suppression), the wheat (of liberation) won't grow)
Debauchees obsessions with 19th century vestiges Autocrats will sacrifice all life For the last drinks of black blood Extrinsic to reality Selling neoliberal process Globalization It's failures should not supersede our survival Rising tides know not time Nor the fever of our situation Droughts // Hurricanes Coastal inundation Acidification // Famine Denial // Indifference Akin to genocide Escalating warfare Blistering temperature // Further acceleration Mass diaspora of the afflicted Severed cultural connections Will there be recompense for vanishing homelands Or xenophobia Rising tides Know not time Nor the fever of our situation Droughts // Hurricanes Coastal inundation Acidification // Famine There must be a drastic shift From our current trajectory Emboldened trans-nationalist Encased in disillusionment Crashing us into global crisis Rendering our world uninhabitable Rise up against their injustice Knowledge // Divestment // Direct action
Ke'tsa 04:54
The weight of colonization Chaos // Sickness // Devastation Emotional tension we hide In the big city jungle Descontrol mental (Mental decontrol) The starvation of the soul Inseguridad social (Social insecurity) Demons of the mind Transmitting internal distress Muerte en vida (The living death) Emociones programadas (Programed emotions) Por un sistema corrupto (By a corrupt system) Emotional tension we hide Feelings suppressed With a broken heart With my broken heart I’m Eje’katl (Wind, viento) I’m Tie’tl (Fire, Fuego) I’m A’tl (Water, Aqua) I’m Ue’ ue (Old wisdom, Antiguo, abuelo) Tribes in resistance Against colonization We are Tezcatlipoca’s. (Smoking mirror, God of nocturnal sky, ancestral memory, time, lord of the north) We are Yaocihuatl’s (Warrior women) Reclaiming indigenous rights Ke’tsa Pachamama (Rise up, mother earth) Seguimos en resistencia (We continue in resistance) Rescatando la lengua madre (Reclaiming the native tongue) Indigenous people unite The Eagle and the Condor Prophecy’s coming alive Colonial resistance Bringing back the old ways Wisdom Tlato’lli. (Word) Transmission of knowledge Reclaiming stolen identities Re-connecting Coatlicue. (Mother Earth) Following the red road Re-connecting Coatlicue. (Mother Earth) Following the red road


released August 1, 2018

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Sina Yz. at Gatefold Studios


all rights reserved



Wretched of the Earth Portland, Oregon

Anti-Colonial D-beat from Portland OR.

Ex:Squalora, Deterrorformed, Weekend Warrior,
Machine Gun Congress, Ass End Offend, and a million more.

Current Members:

Rachel: Vocals
Sean: Bass/Vocals
Cory: Guitar/Vocals
Zac: Guitar/Vocals
Dan: Drums
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