Wretched of the Earth (remastered)

by Wretched of the Earth

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released March 1, 2012

Recorded by Stan Wright at Buzz or Howl Studios (September 2011)
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audio Siege Studios
(November 2011)
Remastered by Brad Boatright at Audio Siege Studios (Winter 2015)

For further contacting please e-mail us at: wretchedoftheearthband@gmail.com



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Wretched of the Earth Portland, Oregon

Anti-Colonial D-beat from Portland OR.

Ex:Squalora, Deterrorformed, Weekend Warrior,
Machine Gun Congress, A//Political, Ass End Offend, and a million more.

Current Members:

Sean: Bass/Vocals
Rachel: Vocals
Sina: Guitar/Vocals
Dan: Drums
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Track Name: power concedes nothing without revolution
stars fly and explode
setting light to false precepts
raining stones on murders

still simmering to catch air
we will all share in this inferno
our inheritance their own undoing

from the brilliance of disaster
blossoms the hopes of sinners
like weeds cracking concrete
fury ignites wildfires

raining stones on reaction

a generation of spectators
forced to obey by bludgeoning trauma

fear shatters at our reckoning
invoking wrath with ideas

smashing facades of shimmering posterity
rekindling sparks igniting prose

flames licking the columns
turning dust of foundations

rewrite history

cinders spreading setting flame
to the inheritors of ashes
roots nourished to blood
knowing just who and what is to blame...

determination is a peoples bond
with dignity and knowledge
that only we can create
a world without regret

occupy everything
demand dignity
fill the vacuum of power
Track Name: wendigo
socialized cannibal
embodied wendigo
parched for suffer
lips tattered and worn
overcome y greed
endless is its gluttony
unable to fulfill
hunger eternal

the demons have manifested
in our capitalist reign
awakened by our lust
for unmountable gain
dominated strata
ascended to apex
predators of humanity
drive us to extinction

adopted the image
of tyrannical gods
who crave the casualties
of famine and war
below these alters
run banks of blood
flow into mill race wheels
that feed the rivers ideo

from moral starvation
weakens ourselves
into committing

of the money hungry
will lead all those
who follow blindly

ravenous for power
they will consume each other
till only one remains
to be toppled by self destruction
Track Name: carrion calls
carrion calls
the will of the gods
rain down on souls
splintering children
the love of nations fray in the wind
decimating histories
and a peoples will

the shock of bombs
soiling hearts
the awe of destruction
bleeding from eyes
immortal souls extinguished
in righteous praise
in vengeful mercy

and in his image
peoples faiths tremble
at the wretched survivors
(who's hands are left)
to dig for their comrades and loved ones

silence is the laughter of gods in the
of what they justify as justice
their serenity is wretchedness
as these monsters seat their thrones

collateral damage
starving children
decimated cities
U.S. foreign policy
Track Name: la otra lado
patience in listening
diagnostics of sufferings
constructing terrain
of encounter
the future has happened a long time ago
life means so much more
tomorrow beings today
we will win this war

the tyranny
of poisoned apathy
of consumer bliss
traded in blood

lands privatized
collective veins run dry
the strain intensifies
our world is dying..

like stars flickering in our eyes
this world of despair will burn
and our love will build it anew
we have every intention of taking it all back

we won't forget our future
we can't forget our pasts
we've many hands in this struggle
but just one heart

insurgent sparks flicker
setting light to new possibilities
waiting for el otra lado
to ignite and explode
Track Name: wretched of the earth
herald to conquer over peoples
who are tarnished and stained
they are shackled, imprisoned
suspended to mental decay
exploit lands, reap the bread
rob them of dignity
degraded, impoverished
cycled through generations

our blood nurtures soil
which will give root to our feet
for we are of this earth
and we wretched shall rise
Track Name: for gender self-determination
emotionally stunted
pathologically broken
our love is their conquest
taking for granted
identities before us
denial reassures
further delineating
disintegrating humanity

we are capable of so much more

wheels of oblivion
carrying tomorrow
carrying our passions
into realms of repression

concepts beg
for our condolences
our will subverted
to misogynist ends

brutality of spirit
killing the boy
from the start
never had a chance

to understand
what was happening
defining a child
subjected . Assigned .

deny. Repress. ignore.
right from wrong written by another’s hand
spectrums smashed for the power of heirs
question everything its all a fucking lie

in identifying the boy
who never got the chance
to decide
he was a boy at all

their history will dissolve
we must understand beyond binary
we must not be the men
we were told